Replacement Brush Panels for Workstations & Transfer Tables

The perfect scratch and scuff-free solution to your fabrication needs
Workstation replacement brush panel grid pattern


Our brush tables used as workstation surfaces are a perfect scratch and scuff-free solution to your fabrication needs. RBT will be happy to help you design a stapleset brush table to best suit your needs. Our brush tables are a great way to extend a workspace and provide an excellent space to a paint station, cleaning station, cutting station, or PEM application station. They can be easily attached to a lattice frame or a solid surface. Our brush tables also make excellent noise-free transfer tables for moving components in the manufacturing environment. By utilizing our transfer table replacement brush panels, you can prevent damage to sheet metal during fabrication.


The major advantage of using carpet to provide a workstation surface to prevent scratching is that is often times it’s free.  However, the disadvantage of the carpet is that it retains chips or burrs of metal fabbing that will increase the amount of scratching to the metal finish.

The options to design workstation replacement brush panels are limited only by your requirements for your application. Please see our gallery below for configuration ideas. For more information about your options for a brush table work surface, please click on the ‘Workstations & Transfer Tables’ link on the right-hand menu.

When you have determined the workstation replacement brush panels you need, fill out our request form to receive a quote.


By countersinking holes in the base, the bed brush will mount anywhere you need it to. The brush tables can be easily cut with basic tooling.  If a tuft of brush is in the way of a hole that needs to be drilled simply remove it with a good set of pliers and a little elbow grease.


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