Turret Replacement Brush Panels

The most common application for the staple set brush panel is in the turret press industry

The turret press industry frequently uses the standard staple set brush panel; it is the single largest application. In the last ten years, new design features and surface finish demands have essentially mandated that a brush panel surface be used to accomplish the desired objective. Our OEM-quality turret replacement brush panels have been designed to meet industry standards.

At RBT we make turret replacement brush panels for Amada, Salvagnini, LVD Strippit, Trumpf and Prima Power. Whether one brush panel or a complete brush table wears out, the chances of scratching to metal or inducing a malfunction by providing an uneven work surface is not worth the risk when the option for replacement is so practical. If you want to replace a complete table, we can make all new turret press brush panels to your standard and make improvements to provide longer life.


Use the following drawings as guidelines when selecting your turret replacement brush panels. Then, fill out our request form to choose your preferred replacement parts.


Turret Replacement Brush Panels Request Form

We make turret replacement brush panels for Amada, LVD Strippit, Muratec, Finn-Power, Salvagnini and Trumpf.

Examples of replacement brush panels for turret presses.


There are two options when your roller ball tables start to scratch the surface of the metal you are fabricating-whether on a turret press, panel bender, work station or transfer station.

1. Replace the roller ball with button brush.

2. Replace the complete work surface with brush panels.

Older turret presses with a roller ball table have been successfully converted to a complete brush surface that prevents scratching, scuffing and blemishes. Noise reduction in the work environment is the side benefit.

Our goal is to make the very best replacement brush panel for your application regardless of the age, model or design of your turret. We understand that a company receiving 22 gauge polished copper has different requirements than a company receiving a 12 gauge cold roll steel. Some applications require design flexibility of the brush panels to meet the “weakest” design feature of the material being fabricated. With our years of hands-on experience, we can help match the brush panel design to eliminate the scratches on your particular metal, whether it is satin finish: textured; stainless steel; aluminum; copper; or galvanized sheet.