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Brush panels allow debris to fall away from the functioning surface

Scratch prevention is a major concern in the material handling and metal fabrication industry.  The UHMW, carpets, and cardboard surfaces are attempts to prevent metal-to-metal contact during processing.  The concepts work in a perfect setting, however, metal chips, debris, and burrs do exist and trying to remove metal chips from the UHMW is like pulling teeth.  The carpet’s ability to cling to a metal chip is legendary and burrs on the metal easily cling to all three.

Only a brush support bar will allow the chips and debris to fall away from the functioning surface and burrs.  The metal will have no resistance from the individual bristles therefore eliminating scratches.  Below are just a few designs that have been made and are working successfully.

There are many factors determining the correct design for your application.  Please call one of our engineers or e-mail us to determine how we can help with your application.

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