More and more sheet metal fabrication companies are protecting their work surfaces, transport carts and storage systems with brush panels as a strategy for reducing costs associated with scratched, scuffed, and blemished sheet metal. 

The flexible fibers of the brush plates protect their materials during the transport, fabrication, and manipulation processes.  These brushes are very useful in supporting and guiding a variety of materials.  The added benefits include the reduction of noise and ease of use for the operator. 

The brushes allow for excess slag material to fall between the tufts opposed to being embedded in the material being processed and damaging the surface finish.

The possibilities for protecting the material are limitless as the brushes can be designed for a wide variety of applications. The brush plates are fabricated by a completely automated process that allows for many options regarding base thickness, trim height, shape of panel, bristle stiffness and tuft density.

Our engineers can guide customers through the selection process of the brush profile that best fit the needs of the application.  We can also match existing profiles. For any design questions or for ordering information please visit our web site at or call our offices at 1-800-691-8204.