Face-to-face communication is a vital tool in the way we do business. At its core, in-person communication builds engagement, community, and trust. Phone calls, e-mails, and Zoom meetings are all great but sometimes in-person meetings can save a lot of time for all parties involved and help deliver a more streamlined solution and product.

Engaging face-to-face allows our customers to actually meet the team who is working behind the scenes to design and create their brush product. Many new customers are often surprised when we offer to travel to their facility early on in the process. It allows us to hear and see first-hand what solutions we can come up with to solve their problem. It helps eliminate errors and it helps build confidence between both parties.

By manufacturing our parts in the USA we strive to build a community of customers, colleagues, and business partners that all have the same goal in mind. This also greatly reduces our lead times which our customers appreciate, especially our turret operates. We know how critical machine uptime is and do our best to make as many stock parts available as possible.

Face-to-face communication also builds trust. Meeting in person at your facility eliminates a lot of guesswork that might arise in non-visual communication. Nonverbal communication is a great way to build trust and confidence that your vendor knows what they’re doing. Eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, and posture all play a role in building trust. When we’re in person you can see that we are patient and listening to your areas of concern. This is one major reason we prioritize exhibiting at FABTECH every year. We get to catch up with existing customers and meet new ones at the same time.

See you in the field!