Replacement Brush Tables

RBT provides an extensive range of replacement brush panels and brush accessories for major CNC, turret, and laser manufacturers.  With decades of experience we look forward to helping customers resolve their scratching issues during the fabrication process.

Product Selection

Turret Brush Panels

Our OEM-quality turret brush panels have been designed to meet industry standards.  High-wear designs are available to extend the life of the brush.


Create a noise-free and scratch-free workspace for painting, fabricating, cleaning, cutting, PEM application, and material handling.

Button Brush

OEM-quality button brush for: Salvagnini, Amada, Muratec, and LVD Strippit.  High-wear designs available to extend the life of the brush.

Station Brush

Station Brush (Dummy Dies or Die Spacers) insert into empty tooling stations on turrets.  They keep waste out from the production process that can damage the tooling.

Conveyor Brush

Modular brush conveyor belts transport a wide variety of materials safely while preventing scratching and denting.  Direct fit for your turret or custom application.

Rollerball Replacement

Eliminate scratching and excess noise by converting from stainless steel to our brush solution.  Create a noise-free and scratch-free environment.

Press Brake Support

Brush panels provide additional support for larger material and allow the debris to fall away from the functioning surface and burrs.

PEM Support

Our design allows fasteners to freely float without interference in positioning for the PEM tool and provides scratch-free support.

RBT Brush Panels

RBT has been established to focus on the issues of scratch prevention, scuff prevention, and blemish prevention during the fabrication process used in the sheet metal fabrication industry.  Our specialty is helping the customer define the areas of their process that are causing the defects and combine the options that the bed brush provides for an optimum surface.

Our turret brush panels are an excellent choice to replace your panels and are designed to meet and exceed OEM-quality.

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Here are a few commonly asked questions we receive.  If you don’t see your question listed please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or e-mail.

Can brush tables solve my scratching problem?

Yes.  Brush tables are a tried and true solution to eliminating scratching, scuffing, and blemishes that occur during the sheet metal fabrication process.  Added benefits include noise reduction and reduced vibration.

What are the benefits of using brush on a workstation or transfer table?

Carpet and other surfaces can trap debris that cause marring.  Roller balls scratch and are loud.

What size panels do you offer?

We stock a variety of panel sizes and can customize panels at no additional charge.

How do brush panels attach to my surface?

A variety of screw types and bolts can be used to attach the panels to your surface.  We can fabricate thru, counterbore, and countersunk holes for your conveneince.

What if I don't see my turret listed?

Give us a call at 800-691-8204 or fill out our Request For Quote form.  We’ll ask you a few basic questions about your turret, draw up prints, provide a quote, and send for your review.

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