RBT Replacement Brush Tables:  A scratch, scuff, and blemish-free solution to your fabrication needs.

A brush table allows materials to move freely during fabrication, making it an essential tool for those working in manufacturing roles. Trust RBT to provide you with an affordable, dependable replacement brush table solution.

Our replacement brush tables are an excellent choice to replace your OEM brush tables and brush panels for a wide variety of machines and applications, including turret press panels.  Following are some of our most popular applications:


The single largest application for the standard staple set brush panel is in the turret press industry. Our turret press brush panels can be made to accommodate any surface finish demand. We understand that each turret has its own design criteria. We can make all new brush panels to your standard and even improve them to provide longer life.

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We stock a variety of button brush for the turret industry. We can also customize your button brush depending on your application to ensure a scratch-free environment for your material.  Use our button brush on your turret to replace metal rollerballs, prevent scratches scuffing and cushion your sheet metal.
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We can make brush tables to your specifications for your customer workstation or transfer table for your manufacturing needs. Our workstation brush panels are quiet, scratch-free solutions for PEM applications and transfer tables. They can be attached to a frame or to a solid surface and can be customized for the material you are working with.
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About RBT

RBT has been established to focus on the issues of scratch prevention, scuff prevention and blemish prevention during the fabrication process used in the sheet metal fabrication industry.  Our specialty is helping the customer define the areas of his process that are causing the defects and combine the options that the bed brush provides for an optimum surface when the customer’s sheet metal comes into contact with a process surface.

Sheet metal surface contact is critical not only before fabrication, but during fabrication and final handling.  This includes:

  • Feeder systems
  • Turret press operations
  • Transfer to bending
  • Surface contact during bending
  • Off-loading
  • Stations for secondary operations such as PEM operations and additional assemblies.

Through reverse-engineering and new concept design, we can design the brush to optimize your fabrication surface, and in many cases, extend the life of the brush work surface.

You can count on RBT for customized brush table options as well as panels for major manufacture models. Contact us today for more information regarding our services.

Replacement Brush Panel

We can assist you in selecting the right brush panel replacement to meet your fabrication needs and solve your scratching, scuffing and blemish issues.